About Camaron Christina

My journey as hair stylist started roughly ten years ago. I come from a long line of hair stylist from my grandmother to my mother, my aunt and a few others. Hair is something that I've always been passionate about and enjoyed doing. Being a hair stylist means much more to me than just making hair healthy and beautiful; you get to build relationships and empower women from the inside and enhance their beauty on the outside. They say that when you do what you love it's not work, and I agree, I love doing hair – this is what I live for!

1203 Hair Collection Experience

Hair Treatments

Hair treatment is just as important to your hair health, as knowing what products to use. For instance, deep heat treatments should be done 1-2 times per month. Read more of our suggestions on hair treatments and how often you should treat your hair in, our Hair Care: Tips & Tricks.

Hair Care

Consider a trim every 6-8 weeks by a professional stylist. Keeping your ends fresh is one of the major keys to healthy hair growth! Your diet contributes to the health of your hair and it is important to take multivitamins daily; these are beneficial for healthy hair. 


To make or cancel an appointment please call us at 410-900-7594. All appointment can be scheduled one half-hour prior to closing. Please give at least a 24-hour notice when canceling an appointment.


Studio 1203 is happy to offer customer hair care products to maintain your latest hairstyle. Our online store of hair and hair care will be up and running soon. For now, please stop in to browse and purchase our hair care products.


Products we suggest include Affirm Sensitive Scalp Crème Relaxer, Affirm Moisture Right System, Design Essentials Sleek Edge Max Hold, Design Essentials Therapeutics Shampoo, Design Essentials Reflections, and Queen Helene Placenta Hot Oil Treatment.

Fun Facts!

Your hair grows faster in warmer weather than colder weather because the heat stimulates circulation and helps it to grow.  A single strand of hair has a life span of roughly 5 years.

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